Lesley Bohm - Branding/Photographer

Lesley is a professional photographer with years of experience working with clients from C-Suite to celebrities, pulling out their strengths and authenticity in photographs. Her passion is bringing to life, in one singular image, the indefinable qualities that make an author the source of powerful prose, a CEO the inspiration for a global enterprise, an actor the conjurer of a whole new reality, a brand the embodiment of trusted values. She helps leaders make an impact by elevating their brand with the highest quality photographs and makes it easy and effortless in her sessions to get the best images to help you stand out in any market.
By Lesley Bohm - Branding/Photographer
Have you considered how others see you? In business or online? How are you showing up? A photograph is the fastest way to convey a message without words. What I am talking about is your BRAND. The definition of brand : A brand is a name, term, design, symbol or any other featur...

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