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Business Start Up
Starting a business is stressful. Lavinia Capital can assist you in developing clear strategies to strengthen your position in the marketplace. Whether it’s a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce platform, our team will assist you in making the right decisions. LCP will guide you in all aspects of your company development including accounting best practices, human resources, marketing, employee training, legal compliance and more.
Top Line Development Strategies
Developing and sustaining top line growth strategies will keep your bottom line healthy and margins high. Our team will analyze your current development initiatives and work to create a market advantage and deliver strong profits to stakeholders.
Business Culture Developement
Are you experiencing higher than average employee turnover, low employee morale or low customer satisfaction? The wrong working environment will erode margins and market share. Our team studies your current culture and develops a new strategy building on your current values creating a stronger team from the top down.
Employee Development
We have a team of professionals at identifying current and hidden talent working to build an environment where communication is essential and employee effectiveness is at its peak. LCP offers several employee leadership courses offering onsite and on campus training in many different areas of employee development.
Leadership Development
Lavinia Capital Partners believes strong leaders will develop strong followers maximizing employee effectiveness resulting in higher margins, less labor cost and stronger profits. LCP works with CEO’s and all levels of management to develop strong leadership skills to build stronger teams.
Business Rescue
Our team at Lavinia Capital Partners are experts in analyzing your current business challenges. We work towards developing and executing a clear plan to get you back on track. We analyze every aspect of your business to deliver a strategic plan that will give you the direction and results you need.
Sales and Marketing
Lavinia Capital Partners helps a company optimize their marketing and sales strategy driving top line growth. We accomplish this by gaining insights into your company from customers, vendors and your current staff. We then analyze our findings developing a plan for repeatable sales and marketing processes that will give your company strength.
Legacy Planning
Transitioning a business from your control to others can be overwhelming. We provide legacy planning and management structures to provide oversight and operational direction to give you assurances that your business will thrive for generations.
Lavinia Capital Partners offers several training options to suit your needs. Many online courses are available as well as in person seminars held across the US covering many different subjects. LCP can also tailor a training program specific to your business.
LCP has a team or experienced leaders in the industry to build your brand. Whether an internal campaign or full brand design or redesign, we can help. LCP has some of the most experienced and influential branding experts in the industry at your disposal.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Lavinia Capital Partners can guide you thru the process of acquiring a new business with analytical services to assist you with making sound decisions. From market analysis, writing a prospectus, financial analysis, employee development, training development, viability, cost analysis, capital structure and more. Our team will be there for you every step of the way.
Financial Coaching for Professional Athletes
Navigating the waters of newly found financial success can be challenging. LCP has the experienced team to help eliminate the guesswork out of financial management by working with you to develop long term plans to protect your future.
Sourcing Capital
Finding the right source of capital can be overwhelming. Lavinia Capital Partners can guide you in finding the perfect solution for your capital needs. Whether it’s traditional lending, private equity or finding equity partners, we can help. We have a large portfolio of individuals and institutions to choose from.
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