Fred Ashman - Branding Analyst

Strategist, Producer, Writer, Director, Author 30+ years experience CEO, head of creative with >30 fortune 500 clients, 30+ years experience brand development and strategic communications 30+ years creative development and execution in all media Successfully founded and grew media businesses. Developed and executed key strategies for global organizations and markets. Earned 120 major international awards for media excellence broadcast, non-broadcast and film. 30+ years experience music development 30+ years experience aviation
By Fred Ashman - Branding Analyst
The keynote at a major sales event in Puerto Rico was to be delivered by the chairman of the board. He would deliver the same speech in a second event for corporate and regional sales-people in New York a month later. Due to a schedule conflict the chairman chose to send his spee...
By Fred Ashman - Branding Analyst
Keeping good customers, long term, is the goal of every organization. For a small creative company, in a very highly competitive environment, to keep large fortune 500 clients long term, (over 25 years), is rare. American Airlines, NCR, and a few others were clients for over 30 y...

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